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Oxford – The Complete Buildering Guide, Alexander N, first edition, June 2020 published jointly with Whipplesnaith, July 2020, A5 booklet, 18 pages, a limited edition of only 50 individually numbered copies.

A historic record of some climbs on manmade structures around Oxford.

‘Buildering, unlike night climbing, is carried out at relatively low level. However, climbing on buildings can be highly problematic as criminal and civil law comes into play when buildering on all structures, irrespective of them being listed or not. In addition, universities take a very grim view of this type of activity, especially in the light of previous incidents. Legalities aside, climbing even at low level could result in serious injury or even death, either from an impact, or in the case of problems over water, drowning.

This document has been published as a historic record which should be read for your amusement and entertainment only. Under no circumstances what so ever should you climb on buildings, bridges or any other manmade structures! Night climbing is a folly not even to be considered.’

A limited edition of 50 numbered copies at £9.95 + £1.00 p+p. A second edition is available at £5.00 + £1.00 p+p.

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